WTF is the new normal... Uniquely Normal To Me anyway lol

Base motivation and guide is Always - Do no harm...Well!?!?

Time for some damn logic!

I know I am Nontraditional but therefore assumed A Moral too? 🖕🏻

Far from it!

Logic would indicate that if that truly is my base motivation then my actions would mirror it...right

OK...Reality check time then...Do my actions match my guide of Do No Harm?

Abso-Fuckin-Lutly...that word is not in Webster FYI 😈

I am around minimal people (1) who are aware of Reality (2) and (drum roll Please...) are Logical and not guided by Fear or Bravado lol

When you are living beyond Webster Written definitions, I feel, You Must do reality checks with a gut level honesty that better be uncomfortable lol and if you're not in center...don't you dare start Crap Talk and Negative BS!

You very simply identify center and the required steps to get there.

Some Espresso Redhead Sass for your beautiful day

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